WINGS OF RUSSIAAir transport award
named after Evgeny Chibirev

24th annual ceremony

May 31, 2021

About Award

National air transport award Wings of Russia named after Evgeny Chibirev is almost a quarter of a century, and all these years it has been reflecting the realities of Russian civil aviation, developing and changing along with it. 2020 turned out to be absolutely unprecedented for both world and Russian civil aviation. We have faced and gone through economic crises many times, but this time the crisis turned out to be much deeper and was caused by a whole complex of reasons that arose as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Civil aviation was at the forefront of the strike, quarantine measures almost nullified international traffic and significantly reduced domestic ones.

The crisis is far from over and the trials will continue. Nevertheless, the Wings of Russia Award Organizing Committee considers it not only possible, but also necessary to sum up the results of this most difficult year, to highlight and encourage the best.


Grand Prix

1. Airline of the Year
2. Airport of the Year

Passenger Transportation

3. Airline of the Year – Major League
(annual traffic over 10 million passengers)

4. Airline of the Year – 1st League
(annual traffic from 5 to 10 million passengers)

5. Airline of the Year – 2nd League
(annual traffic from 1 to 5 million passengers)

6. Airline of the Year – 3rd League
(annual traffic from 0,5 to 1 million passengers)

7. Airline of the Year – 4th League
(annual traffic up to 0,5 million passengers)

Air Freight
8. Airline of the Year — Cargo Carrier

Helicopter Services

9. Airline of the Year — Helicopter Services

Special Prizes *

10. An Innovative Achievement in Russian Air Transport
11. For the Route Networks Development
12. For the Efficiency in a Crisis

Passenger Choice Award

13. Airline of the Year by Passengers’ Choice
14. Airport of the Year by Passengers’ Choice

* — other prizes are possible by the decision of the jury

Online ceremony

May 15, 2020

Award report 2019

April 16, 2019

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