Air Transport Awards
April 7, 2020, Moscow
23rd annual ceremony
named after Evgueny Chibirev
Air Transport Awards
April 7, 2020, Moscow
23rd annual ceremony
named after Evgueny Chibirev
About the Wings of Russia Awards Scheme
The Wings of Russia Awards — an event now in its 23th year — has become the most prestigious honours scheme in the nation's air transport industry because it not only symbolises the successful practices of winning airlines, but also indicates the natural evolution of modern realities and trends which are steadily unfolding in the industry. In its 23-year history, the Wings of Russia Awards has witnessed the Russian civil aviation business move a long way forward both in quantitative and qualitative transformations. In that period, the volume of transportation has grown several-fold, the number of airlines has increased significantly, market consolidation has been accompanied by business model segmentation, and the industry has now entered the digital transformation era.
The organising committee of the Wings of Russia Awards, which remains faithful to the quarter-century of traditions, at the same time recognises that the scheme’s nomination system must urgently stay in touch with the current market realities, so that the new system retains all the positive legacy whilst also providing an opportunity to appreciate and celebrate all the significant new trends influencing the Russian air transport industry.

A fundamental and distinctive feature of the new system is the introduction of three categories that will determine the winners. The category Air Transport Market Leader contains nominations characterising the companies' global positions in the Russian air transportation market; the Regional Air Transport Market Development category represents the most important trends in Russia’s regions that are focused on increasing the transport mobility of the entire population of the Russian Federation; and the Digital Technology category includes nominations characterising the industry’s burgeoning digital transformation processes.
Air Transport Market Leader
1. Airline of the Year — Domestic Service
2. Airline of the Year — International Service
3. Airline of the Year — Network Development
4. Airport of the Year
Regional Air Transport Market Development
5. Airline of the Year — Group 1
(Annual domestic traffic from 1 to 4 million passengers)
6. Airline of the Year — Group 2
(Annual domestic traffic from 0.4 to 1million passengers)
7. Airline of the Year — Group 3
(Annual domestic traffic under 0.4 million passengers)
Helicopter Services Operator of the Year
8. Digital Technology
8. Digital Strategy Leader
10. Digital Technology for Airlines
11. Digital Technology for Passengers
Passenger's Choice Prize
12. Russian Airline of the Year
13.Foreign Airline of the Year

Event Of The Year
14. Russian Air Transport Market
15. CIS Air Transport Market
Wings of Russia— 2018
Airlines participants of the award in 2019
Sponsors of nominations

Information Partners
About award
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